Sunday, March 13, 2011

Junior High School Reunion

from many people of 2004, it's only 4 who came to the reunion, me, Risna, Nisa and Dian. But, unfortunately before the event was done, Dian disappear. So it's only 3 of us who still staying there.

Cause my friend Nisa was Tina Talisa's big fan, so we decided to help Nisa to get a picture with her. Little difficult, cause not only Nisa who want to take a picture with her. But, at the end we did it, and of course Nisa was happy. :D

what I wear

(actually this is my first time be confident to wear something different like this style :D)

pashmina : mom's
pants : unbranded
shoes : Yongki Komaladi
bag : mom's


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  2. eh, ada diajeng, jadi malu :">

    sekedar info, celana yang aku pake berbahan katun dan dijual dengan harga yang sangat murah 35 ribu saja, dengan berbagai warna.. ;)