Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sono, Hoyong Teupang Deui

reunion with my senior high school family, after fasting month, we decided to make an event to meet each other. well this time, Krishna bring his camera so we can take a picture before we separated..
proud to have family like this, always enjoy my time with them, if the waitress not asked to pay the bill cause they would close their restaurant, maybe we still have a long time to spend with sharing our journey.. well.. there's always a good bye after say hi..
hope, next time we will meet again with more participants.. :) see u guys.. ;)

photographer: Krishna Setiadi
Location : Braga, Bandung.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hani in Action (Jump. Jump, Jump)

Photographer : Galih Haqqi
Talent : Adinda Hanifa

just for your information
the photographer is in 4th grade of elementary school and also the talent =D

Galih and Hani

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holiday Adventure (Eid Mubarak Part 4)

this year feel different, cause we have a new member in our family, yes my sister-in-law. there is a tradition in my country that called "pulang kampung". Pulang Kampung means you came back to the country or city where u born.  Because, my parents born in Yogyakarta so every year after Ramadhan (fasting month) we are going to Yogyakarta to meet our big family. This year feel different cause in our way back to Bandung, we try new road. Actually we do it to avoid the traffic jam. but, who knows if we find a beautiful view and a full journey with adventure. We across forest, mountain even beach in our way home.

Beringharjo Market (Eid Mubarak Part 3-2)

Beringharjo Market, Malioboro, Yogyakarta.

also live performance from street musician, 
Calung Menya-Menyo Malioboro 

Jembatan Perawan UGM Yogyakarta (Eid Mubarak Part 3-1)

Location : Jembatan Perawan UGM  Yogyakarta
Photographer : novarga

What I wear :
Shawl : Kami Idea
Shirt : Ceu Mimin Online Shop
Pants : Bandung Trade Center
Belt : Borma
Sandals : Malioboro Street
Bag : Vincci

Big Family (Eid Mubarak Part 2)

our schedule :

  1. Eating together
  2. Eating together
  3. Eating together
what a funny family =D
@Bale Hinggil, @ Uncle Ahmad home's, and @ Aunt Juwar home's

@The Waroeng of Raminten, Pakem, Yogyakarta.