Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dhika's Graduation Days

I'm trying to practice my English here, so from now my post would be in English. Sorry if it's not good and make u all confuse with what I mean, I'm still study it. :D

I'm start with a story about my friend's graduation. who knows that this little bastard would be the first one who graduate. With all she have done in the past, it looks like impossible for her to graduate first. But she proof all people who underestimate her, and now she is the only one people who graduate first and get the job at the same time. what a wonderful spirit.

I knew her closer when we both know that we have same hobby. yeah eat sushi is our like. And she became my best company when I want eat sushi. Our place only in Sushi Tei, there's no place other. But, it's not about me and Dhika. My best friend, Nunuy is another best sushi company. And three of us became close friend now. 

 me- Dhika - Nunuy

well, sometime in the sushi time, another friends join us, one of them is Mitha. She is Nunuy's high school friend and also our college friend. She came late to Dhika's graduation. But when we have eating in Cafe Bali, she came with us.. :)

Dhika- Mitha- Nunuy- Nanda (Nuy's boyfriend)

But, the most important, congrats for Dhika.. hope we will follow u soon.. :D

Friday, February 11, 2011

Uncle's Boot and Belt


well i rename this post Uncle's Boot and Belt because that cool boot and nice belt are from my uncle.

guess how much are they? only 5000 IDR